how to clean jewelry gold
Having spent most of his life honing and perfecting his craft, it is no wonder why Michael Dawkins has evolved his jewelry line into one of the most respected brands out there. To be exact, he has spent many years in the pursuit of creating pieces that are not only excellent, but are also something that women will feel good wearing.

His jewelry designs are known for being modern with a great attention for detail and texture while at the same time not forgetting versatility and functionality. This style that he has created for the brand stems from his personal interest in the study of natural objects, which has led him to draw inspiration from architecture and industrial design among others. This passion for aesthetics and the nature of objects is very evident in his design and creation process which involves the use of a variety of materials that range from the classics like gold and silver, to more exotic ones such as those that he has taken from his numerous travels out of the country.

By incorporating different materials into his designs he has created countless of statement pieces that will make women feel unique and make them stand out from the crowd. This uniqueness is bolstered further by his use of unconventional jewelry making techniques that he has learned early in his career and has since then mastered into an art. This technique is called granulation, a process by which metals are heated into tiny sphere that will then be arranged into different patterns and designs. By using this technique, Michael Dawkins has introduced a certain kind of flexibility into the designs that he creates and has broken bounds on how jewelry pattern are set. This element of granulation placed alongside clean crisp lines has become Dawkins’s signature style.

It can be said that Michael Dawkins’ jewelry creations not only understand the needs of the modern woman for something unique and functional, but that he also has a knowledge of how nature works. One only has to look at his different collections of necklaces, ring, and earrings to understand how much Dawkins has a grasp of the balance and harmony that pervade nature and the objects found within it. Pieces such as his multi strand chain bracelet and Gold and Sterling Toggle Necklace all evoke a sense of form and rhythm that is reminiscent of the form and rhythm one can find in nature.

how to clean jewelry gold

Source by Selene Logan L Sonnen

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