how to clean gold jewelry with stones
Diamonds and faceted gems constitute the classic choice for engagement rings. But for getting an element of mystery and romance interlinked with a tint of mythology and spiritualism, the moonstone engagement rings are the best choice. The rings would appear more symbolic for many couples for portraying their romance and spiritual bonding.

Basically moonstones are a kind of mineral in the feldspar family which is a classification that encompasses over half the rocks on earth. Moonstone specifically constitutes of potassium aluminum silicate and typically possesses a very light blue hue. However moonstones are also seen in a range of colors including green, peach, gray, pale yellow, brown, or creamy white. There are many mythological secrets associated with the magic shimmer of moonstone. The mineral has been named as moonstone because as light moves across the stone, its shimmer changes like the shades of moon. The stone is also called as Selenite, named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon.

Many couple goes gaga over moonstone as the most critical feature of the gem is the quality of its cut. What distinguishes moonstone from other gem is that most of the jewelry would be polished rather than faceted. This gives the stone a smooth and sensuous feel rather than the stark angles and surfaces of typical gems. The stones attain the characteristic shimmer through the curvature of the stone which is crucial to achieve the signature light variations. For creating a cat’s eye or starburst formation, flaws are incorporated into more unique stones.

There are a variety of settings available for moonstone engagement rings. However the bezel settings and other smooth flowing designs are mostly preferred as they compliment the nature of the stone. The art deco and vintage are also suitable for moonstone engagement rings. Accent stones may be incorporated in the rings. But this is not always done. Diamonds and pearls are common choices and couples also select similarly unusual stones to accompany the center moonstone.

The gem quality moonstones are quite expensive owing to the rare nature. A larger stone with a rich yet transparent color calls for a high price since they are of exceptionally high quality. Moreover the labor will add to the cost significantly since most of the moonstone engagement rings are custom made. So for bringing down the expenses, many couples choose a less expensive metal or accent stones so that they can find a quality stone to work with.

Couples may find it a little difficult to find moonstones as they are still relatively rare and the couple needs to approach a custom ring designer for getting a more personalized ring. For economic benefits, the best way is to find a loose gemstone of the desired size and color and ask an experienced jeweler to make a perfect ring to accent the qualities of the stone. Since the moonstone is very delicate they are prone to scratches and damages. Hence proper care should be given while wearing them. Only mild cleanser and soft cloth should be used to clean them.

how to clean gold jewelry with stones

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