perfect engagement ring for me
The giving of a diamond engagement ring is a sign of commitment and fidelity and an acknowledgment of love and bonding between the two of you. A diamond is the hardest stone known to man and practically indestructible. This quality helps to make it a popular choice in an engagement ring signifying the unbreakable quality of the relationship.

Your fiance will show off the ring you buy to everyone she knows, so you must take great care in your choice of engagement ring. Jewelry outlets range from mail order and eBay to specialty jewelry stores. As this may be the first ring you have bought it is a good idea to take advice from a jeweler. You will know your girl best and will know whether she is the type that will appreciate the surprise of being presented with a ring you have chosen. Maybe she is the type who would rather be involved in the choosing.

The factors that make up the quality and cost of a diamond are known as the four Cs. These are color, cut, clarity and carat. A pure white diamond is the most precious and the finesse with which it has been cut will give it the sparkle. A carat is a measurement of weight and a metric carat is 200 mg. A diamond’s clarity is a measure of the number of flaws present in the stone such as minute cracks. A flawless diamond is very rare and very valuable.

When choosing the perfect ring you will need to take into consideration the shape of your girl’s hand. If she has slender hands and fingers then a smaller stone and setting will look more elegant than a huge rock. Alternatively if she has larger hands and fingers she will be able to getaway with wearing a larger stone and setting.

If you cannot afford a diamond or cannot afford the size of diamond that would look best on your fiance then you may need to consider buying a synthetic diamond. These diamonds are manufactured and are virtually indistinguishable from a natural diamond without the use of a spectroscopic device.

Finally you may want to think ahead to choose a unique wedding ring to compliment the engagement ring. Having an idea of the type of wedding ring you will buy can influence the style and design of the engagement ring and by thinking ahead you can ensure the rings will compliment and enhance each other.

perfect engagement ring for me

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