how to select the perfect engagement ring
There are a hundred things that go through our minds when we are buying our engagement or wedding rings. Will our partner like it? Is this the right design? Do I even know enough about diamonds and jewelry to make such a huge decision? What if I’m getting it wrong? Luckily, having these fears means one thing and one thing only: you want to get it right. These simple but incredibly effective tips for selecting the right jewelry piece will help give you the confidence you need to make this important decision the right one.

Things to consider when buying diamond rings can range from the ring size to the cut of the diamond and even the metal in the band itself. Metal allergies are relatively popular these days, and hypoallergenic materials may be a good bet for ensuring longevity. Sometimes metal allergies in a partner are easily overlooked if they are rare wearers of jewelry, or primarily wear non-irritating pieces, so be sure to be clear on this when making your decision on the ring itself. When it comes to your engagement rings, after all, you want something that will be as long-lasting in terms of wearability as it is visually stunning. There’s nothing more tragic than buying a ring your loved one can’t wear. Allergies can start at any time in your life, so even if an allergy doesn’t exist now, there is a likelihood it could develop. Be sure to discuss the merits of hypoallergenic metals with your partner before going shopping.

Consider finding a jeweler that you feel comfortable talking to, especially when it comes to buying diamond rings. There’s no reason to be ashamed if you are feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to these things – most of us are, and jewelers are the ultimate experts on the subject. Diamond quality is determined by the color, cut, clarity and carat weight and they are the four factors that determine the value of any given diamond. That means that bigger is not always better or more valuable, although our instinct might be to just go with a larger diamond centerpiece when it comes to our engagement pieces. This can complicate the shopping process considerably, since many of us have grown up with the myth that the bigger the diamond is, the better and more valuable the ring itself. It’s okay to be confused and remember that a good jeweler is there to help you understand how to get the product you are looking for that lines up with your aesthetic values as well as your budget.

Purchasing rings like these means you are making an investment. In one sense, you are investing in your relationship, and in the other, the piece itself. Follow these tips, do research and be prepared to ask as many questions of your jeweler as you feel you need to, and you will find the perfect ring in no time at all. Buying the perfect ring for yourself and your partner is vital in creating the best send off to the single life, and welcoming in all of the exciting energy of shared life. Enjoy the journey.

how to select the perfect engagement ring

Source by Hazel Evans

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