how to select the perfect engagement ring
Buying an engagement ring is probably one of the biggest and most expensive decisions you’ll make in your life. Let’s put aside the fact that it’s dear to your heart. It will certainly be the most expensive investment in jewelry that most people will make. Of course you want it to be special and signify your unending love for your significant other as well.

There can be a lot of pressure when purchasing an engagement ring. When you first start out looking, you may peruse catalogs, stores, and the Internet and be completely unsatisfied with what is out there to offer. You may have bigger plans for your large investment. You may also want something unique to represent your love for each other… rather than a ring that is available to everyone. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to purchase a custom engagement ring. But where do you start? Now that you know you want a custom engagement ring, how can you accomplish this without spending too much money and still making sure you receive quality jewelry? Here are a few helpful tips to get you on your path to owning a beautiful custom ring that’s right for you and your significant other.


There are a lot of places to derive inspiration from. You may start looking through the Internet to see what types of rings are out there and what’s popular at the moment. You can look at online inventories and get an idea of where to start. You can head to your local jeweler to see what their input is. Remember, they are looking to sell you a ring, so they’ll be apt to give you a free consultation on anything you need. You’ll also want to talk to your friends and acquaintances. Look at their engagement rings and ask them what their experience was. They may be able to give you some helpful insight into the design of the ring. Once you’ve decided what you’d like the ring to look like, it’s time to move on to the next step.


Remember that it will take more time to receive your custom engagement ring in hand, than it would if you ordered some stock item. You should include the amount of time it will take you to decide on the design of the ring, the time it will take to find a custom jewelry designer to make the ring, and the actual time it will take to construct the ring. Don’t wait until the last-minute to start the process. Allow at least 6-9 weeks for the entire process. The last thing you want to do is jump your deadline and have a proposal set up without the ring in hand.


Understand that purchasing a custom engagement ring can be more costly than purchasing an in-stock ring. It can be up to three times more expensive. You’ll need to ensure you have the right budget in order to pull this off. Of course, discussing your budget with your designer will be beneficial. They can offer suggestions as to how to best accomplish the design while staying within your financial realms.

If for some reason your entire ring cannot be customized based on your budget and specific design, then there are certainly alternatives for a semi-custom ring. For instance, you can go with a pre-made setting and order the stone for the ring separate, as well as inscribing the ring.


Finding a designer is probably the hardest part of the ordeal. The first thing you can do is look up local jewelry designers in your area. From there, you may want to do a brief online search for reviews of their services. Another option is to seek referrals from your friends and acquaintances.

If you find several designs you like while searching for ideas, you may want to see if you can be put into contact with the designer. Be sure to ask important questions. For example, how long have they been in business? What are their price ranges? What is their estimated quote? Are their diamonds GIA certified? How long will it take them to complete the design?

how to select the perfect engagement ring

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