silver wholesalers in india
The title of this write-up suggests that here we’ll be discussing about silver jewelry designer products of different types. Jewelries made from silver are popular among people belonging to different parts of the globe. Due to the extreme demand of these pieces, designers keep on launching fresh collection of ornaments made from this precious metal. The following section will inform you about the most widely used silver ornament types.

Bracelets or wristlets: Bracelets, which are also often referred to as wristlets, are extremely popular among men and women associated with the world of fashion and sports stars. Tennis stars like Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams are known for flaunting their designer silver wristlets. Additionally, these items also enjoy significant popularity among girls who have just reached their high school. In spite of being so high in demand, silver bracelets are reasonably priced. You will not need to be super rich for having a few of these designer pieces in your collection.

Anklets: If you are a teen, you should have at least one silver anklet in your collection. However, that does not mean that this ornament type cannot be worn by people belonging to other age groups. The best thing about these items is that they can be worn with all kinds of clothing let it be a casual outfit or formal attire. All top retailers selling ornaments have anklets of different patterns in their collection. So, it should not be tough for you to find a piece complementing your personality and appearance.

Earrings: This is one silver jewelry type that enjoys equal popularity among men and women. Almost every individual with pierced ears have a hefty collection of earrings made from this precious metal. You may reside in a western country or come from an eastern country like Nepal, Sri Lanka or India these earrings will complement the traditional outfits of your nation perfectly. Thus almost every country of the world has some eminent jewelry designers who craft earrings from this shimmery metal. Other than their attractive appearance, most designer silver earrings are known to possess hypoallergenic properties. This feature is one of the main reasons behind the immense popularity enjoyed by these earpieces as people with pierced ears remain at high risk of suffering from allergic reactions. Statistics suggest that 35% individuals with pierced ears develop allergic reactions and minor infections. People with history of allergies should avoid purchasing nickel plated pieces.

Neck pieces: Although worn by both men and women belonging to different parts of the world, silver neck pieces are most popular among women living in the Indian subcontinent. In the past few years however, with the emergence of fusion fashion the popularity of these neck pieces among residents of western countries has also increased significantly. Thus jewelry designers of both west and east make neck pieces from this precious metal.

silver wholesalers in india

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