perfect engagement ring for me
Odd gets a bad rap. “Odd jobs” or the “odd man out” are things to avoid. But when it comes to unusual engagement rings, odd is where it’s at. Because in the realm of custom jewelry, odd means distinctive.

They say that people are like snowflakes, and while your ex may have been more flake than snow, your true love is truly one of a kind. To make sure that she knows it too, it’s not just a matter of buying the most expensive ring you can find. You need to take it even one step further and look for unusual engagement rings that will leave her awed.

The Joy of Gems

Some things are uncommon not because they’re unattainable, but because they’re just not worth attaining. But adding colored gemstones to produce unusual engagement rings is atypical for the right reason: It goes against the grain. Since they’ve never seen it before, people don’t try it, and since they don’t try it, they never see it and… well, you get the idea.

But once you feast your eyes on it, there’s no going back. A dazzling emerald or stunning sapphire works in perfect harmony with traditional diamonds. Sapphires in particular are a fine choice for unusual engagement rings. Apart from being gorgeous on their own, they pair well with diamonds and are well suited to a vast array of settings. And with their hardness and scratch resistance, sapphires are an ideal choice to symbolize your love: Resilient, enduring and a thing of beauty.

Another gem of an idea for creating unusual engagement rings is to include your fiancée’s birthstone in the setting. If she’s a February baby, pamper her with amethyst, a stunning mix of red and violet that producers purple quartz.

Or maybe she joined us in July. That would make ruby the gem of choice when you shop for unusual engagement rings. Not only is it elegant and durable, but it’s thought to bestow health, wealth and wisdom on the wearer. Just don’t ask your custom jeweler to put that last part in writing. Even they have their limits.

Old is In

An excellent approach to unusual engagement rings is to choose an antique or vintage piece. Since it hails from another era, it’s likely to have some rare design elements that set it apart. If you don’t happen to have a century old ring in your family or the wearer is still with us, a vintage style piece is the next best thing. It incorporates features from a different time such as milgrain or pearl accents and adds some contemporary touches to strike just the right balance.

Engrave and Impress

This one may seem obvious, yet it’s often overlooked. How better to ensure that her ring is in a class by itself than with a classy message or romantic line from a song that has special meaning for the two of you? You might not have a lot of room for it, but even her initials or an acronym that speaks to you can work nicely. Just don’t pick NFL or NBA or you may end up with the silent treatment.

Custom Made Magic

Of course, the best way to create unusual engagement rings that will never disappoint is to let a custom jeweler do it for you. Give them an idea of what you want and let their experience and creativity do the rest.

So whether you call it odd, unusual or unique, it’s worth the effort to look beyond the ordinary for a loved one who is anything but.

Even if it’s not quite what she expected, the odds are she’ll love it.

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by L R Lindsay

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