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Do you like something a bit out of the ordinary in jewelry? Or perhaps you’d like to experiment with vintage jewelry in a new way. Vintage sweater clips are the answer. They are easy to find, easy to wear and affordable. Here are three reasons you’ll want to add this versatile item to your fashion repertoire.

1. Vintage sweater guards are a classic style that can be made fresh and new.

Sweater clips, also called sweater guards, have been popular since the 50’s as a way to hold a sweater or shrug on your shoulders without having to actually wear the sweater. They consist of two alligator type clips such as you would find on a tie clip or a fold over clip such as you would find on a vintage dress pin. The clips can be fancy or plain bars connected by one or more chains. They may have evolved from chatelaine pins which consist of two pins connected by chain. Since there is such a wide range of designs you’ll have fun thinking of new ways to wear and update the look.

2. A cute sweater clip is a small investment that can perk up any outfit.

This under appreciated collectible can be used to add a touch of fun or a touch of elegance to any outfit for a modest sum. They will compliment a black evening jacket or a simple cotton shirt. Clips in gold metal or silver can be used to echo the color of metal buttons. Mink or fur clips add a deluxe touch. Or try the faux pearl ones to create a Donna Reed 50’s style. However you wear them, they will give your outfit some extra zing and be a conversation piece that will be noticed.

3. A sweater clip is uniquely yours.

Although there are some basic designs that are repeated, there is also a tremendous variety to be found in this unique kind of vintage jewelry. The way you put it together makes it your own. Wear it as a sweater or light jacket holder. Wear it hooked to the collar of a button up blouse or at each corner of a pocket. Add several chains and clips or a whimsical pin. Do you have a t shirt or top that is slightly too big? Try a sweater clip in the back to adjust the fit. It can be used to lengthen a too short necklace. Try decorating a hat, beret or a cloche with a clip and a pin. Clip it on a belt or waist band or even attach it to a shoe or boot.

Check flea markets, your neighborhood boutique and online sites to see prices and availability of vintage clips. Or check the jewelry boxes of mom and grandma – they may have one pushed to the back because it was out of style. Now you can polish it off and create your own fashion. When you’re shopping, watch for quality touches like prong set rhinestones and maker marks on the back of the clip. Check that the clips close securely and that decorative elements are firmly attached. Check pearls for flaking or discoloration and that chains are clean and untarnished Enjoy the hunt for the perfect vintage sweater clip and your lucky find will never go out of style.

Fun fact: Miriam Haskell vintage sweater clips (or guards) are among the most collectible. They were very popular in the 50’s for their quality and designs. The gold leaf design is one of the most sought after. Haskell pieces are usually signed on the back and some sweater clips had pin backs so they could be detached from the chains and worn as separate pins.

how to clean jewelry silver at home

Source by Vivian Vassar

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