Ways to Identify Which Jewellery Suits You

Who doesn’t like jewels? They are shiny and all-weather allies during occasions. Jewellery fills the gap of nothingness, jewellery is considered a royal asset, but not every piece of jewellery suits the individual.

Everyone owns Jewellery and it is common these days, but sometimes it becomes a difficult task to choose the correct set of jewellery. Not every piece of jewellery suits the skin tone and body texture of an individual, each person is unique in its characteristics, some suits in rare while other suits in a common set of jewellery. This blog will help you to identify which jewellery suits you best.

Jewellery and its designs are unique but the most important thing is the metal and jewellers used it. Let us first dig into gold and silver jewellery.

  • Skintone/undertone:

The term sounds a bit awkward but yes it is, the skin tone decides what type of jewellery will suit you. In light skin tones silver suits better while in warmer skin tones gold suits better.

While with this the undertone of your skin also determines what suits you the best.  Like the skin tone light suits silver and warm suits gold. To find out the undertone, you need to check your eyes, your nerves, and your hair. Brown-eyed people have a warm undertone, and blue and green eyes have a light undertone.

  • Face shape:

The face shape matters in choosing jewellery, determining the face shape helps a lot in choosing the right jewellery for you five types of face shapes are considered in a population, round, oval, diamond, square, and heart-shaped.

Round faces Long necklaces that hang low on the chest are good options, Oval faces are versatile and can wear almost any style of necklace, Square faces should wear necklaces with pendants to draw attention away from the angular jawline, short necklaces and triangle or heart-shaped dangled earrings are good for heart shape faced, Diamond-shaped face should opt for short hoops as they add length to the narrow chin.

  • Type of metal:

The choice of metal also depends on your dress and skin tone, for skin tone you can look at your veins and find if your skin is light black green or pink Ruby will suit the light tone. If your skin is of a warmer tone then black, dark red, and bluish colour gems will suit you.

  • Body type:

If you have a bulky size body heavy ornaments will suit you but if you are short and bulky then simple and light jewellery will suit you. For a person belonging to a mesomorphic body type heavy ornaments and light ornaments have equal weightage to it and for an ectomorphic person, light jewellery suits them best.

  • Your dressing sense:

Dresses play an important role in the jewellery, if you love white and black dresses silver jewellery will match, while if a thick colour dress is used then gold looks better on them.

So, these are some ways through which you can pick and identify the appropriate necklace for yourself. There are thousands of designs, but the basic thing is it depends on your body type and overall appearance.

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