how to clean jewelry silver
An important evening is just a few days away, you have the dress, bag and shoes ready. Now is the time to think about a necklace to wear. Vintage is in vogue and for this occasion you want to wear something that no one else has in the room.

Choosing a vintage necklace to wear with a cocktail dress can be easy if you follow a few basic rules.

  • Co-ordinate the color of your vintage necklace with your dress.

If your dress has gold thread or gold colored embellishment then choose a gold metal necklace. Similar with silver and other metal colors.

Choose a color that will contrast with your dress for the rhinestone or other decoration used in the piece of jewelery such as pearls. Make sure the color enhances your features and skin tone. It's no good wearing yellow if it makes you look jaundiced or red if you have a high skin blush.

  • Match the style of your necklace with the neck line of your dress.

This is important and ideally you should experiment before the night if you are unsure the look is right. A low neck line or off the shoulder's cocktail dress, lends itself to a larger focal necklace with a dropper. A high neckline can look stunning with a single short strand of evening beads or a choker. Evening beads have a degree of sparkle be they of crystal, pearls, French Jet or iridescent (carnival glass).

  • What hair style are you going to have?

If you are having your hair dressed up, then think about the clasp fastening – it will be on show. Choose a piece of jewelery to wear around your neck that has a decorative clasp.

  • Take the occasion into consideration.

Take note of the occasion that you are getting dressed up for. If you are going to a dance then wear sparkling rhinestone jewelery. If it is a formal dinner party then choose something a bit more demure.

  • Clean your vintage jewelery necklace.

All jewelery needs a clean once in a while. So take the opportunity to clean your vintage necklace and prepare before the big event.

  • Match other jewelery to the main focal piece.

It is acceptable to wear a full parure or set to an evening occasion such as a New Year party but if the event is less spectacular go for one or two pieces of jewelery. Match the colors to co-ordinate with your vintage necklace and follow the rules above.

  • Enjoy the occasion.

Sit back and enjoy the event, all your hard work has been a success. Be gracious about the compliments you receive over your attire. Drink enough to enjoy yourself but not enough to regret it in the morning.

how to clean jewelry silver

Source by Susan C Weaver

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