What’s the Right Time to Invest in Jewellery

Jewellery is in high demand these days due to many marriage and occasion seasons. Moreover, basic jewellery is the market’s favourite, those jewelleries are all seasons and points of interest for each investor. While, an investor should be much more clear and smart to understand the market before investment, as jewellery is not far from a risky asset, though considered safe but the value fluctuates.

Jewellery lures a lot of consumers, and so, does the investor because of its never-ending demand. In jewellery, the most valuable is gold and silver jewellery, but sometimes investors fail to invest at the correct time, thus, making a loss or less profit than others. Let’s decode this investment time frame and understand how maximum profits can be gained, and consumers how to purchase in the cheap zone.

  1. Festivals: in India, there is a lot of auspicious occasions to invest in gold, India is a multi-cultural country, and different community buys gold at different time and horizon. Moreover, buying gold during festivals is beneficial and also considered auspicious, the gold price surges after festivals.
  1. Dhanteras: This is the first day out of 5 days in Diwali, and it is considered and believed to be a pious start in the journey of investment. The term ‘Dhan’ itself refers to wealth.

Moreover, Dhanteras gold and other jewellery come in the affordable range, so, that the consumers can start their investment journey. This day is pious because lord kuber and goddess Lakshmi are worshipped.

  1. Navratri: Navratri marks the nine nights, of worshipping the nine forms of goddess Durga. These nine days people buy various pieces of jewellery, gold and other assets, and the merchants offer lucrative discounts for the consumers to lure them.

Navratri is one month ahead and after the end of Navratri there comes a sudden surge in gold prices, so, it is better to be invested before the surge in price

  1. Karwa Chauth: in this occasion the wife fasts for their husband’s long life. This is the occasion when husbands give gold and other precious metals to their wives as a mark of care and love.

People living in North India observe this occasion. During this period, the gold prices surge, as the demand increases and remain constant till next year.

  1. Pre-wedding season: wedding seasons in India starts from October to December and then the cycle continues from January and March. During this season the price of gold surges and the affordability rate goes beyond the budget.

It is always advised to pile up gold before the wedding season, so, that it is affordable and can be gifted and used.

  1. Post-wedding season: After wedding seasons are over the gold rates significantly get reduced, so, this becomes a good point for the investors to take an entry in the market. Post-wedding season, the gold prices almost stay the same till the next cycle of marriage season.

It is never too late for investment, but the investor should always look for an opportunity to grab gold and jewellery at an affordable rate, so, that it can give good ROI.

Being good at investing is not easy but with practice and analysis, one can beat the market returns. One of the simple tricks investors can follow is to watch ads on TV, advertisements are a good indicator of price. If there are no ads regarding jewellery then it is the right time to invest.

Nevertheless, an investor should also diversify their portfolio in different assets for better returns and also should look up to different opportunities to beat the market returns.

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