how to clean jewelry gold
White gold is becoming more and more popular among women, even over the classic yellow gold, because of its versatility and almost similar brilliance to diamonds. White gold is basically an alloy of gold mixed with at least one white metal, which can be either nickel or palladium. They are counted or measured in carats just like the traditional gold but comes in a lot cheaper than its real versions. White G, because of its unique beauty and luminescence, is becoming the new metal used for all kinds of white G jewelry such as engagement rings, white G butterfly pendants, white G dangling earrings, and the like.

White G butterfly pendants are some of the most popular examples of white G jewelry that women of all ages can marvel and show off to their friends. What’s more, white G jewelry such as these come in a lot cheaper than buying real gold for the pendant itself. There are a lot of online stores that actively sell jewelry like these butterfly pendants because normally, jewelry stores and other specialty shops do not have these at a cheaper price or do not have them for sale at all. You can browse through the World Wide Web for your favorite online jewelry store and see if they have the white G butterfly pendants that you really want for yourself. These are also great gift ideas for friends or family members who are celebrating their birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and the like.

But even if the jewelry are made out of a strong kind of gold, white K tends to fade and wear out and should be replaced every 1 to 5 years or so to maintain the brilliance of the gold. It is also important to handle and clean the white G jewelry properly so as to prolong its brilliance and beauty for a long time. So how does one apply proper care for white G jewelry? Here are some easy tips on how to do so:

o On one hand, gold jewelry pieces are naturally yellow because there are no alloys mixed with it. White G, on the other hand, is plated with a thin layer of rhodium, a white and durable metal, and should be reapplied once or twice a year to be able to maintain the beauty and luminescence of the jewelry, especially those worn frequently.

o When cleaning white gold, it is important that you use a cleaning product that is specifically designed for white gold to avoid severe damage of the jewelry. If you want to be absolutely safe when cleaning white gold, you can use soap, water, and a soft and dull toothbrush to clean even the nicks and cranny of the piece.

o You should remove any white gold jewelry when swimming or working with all kinds of chemicals, especially when you’re doing some cleaning around the house. Though they are brilliant and durable, white gold can easily wear out when exposed to harsh chemicals, causing the jewelry to pit and discolor.

how to clean jewelry gold

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