perfect engagement ring for me
Asking the love of your life to spend the rest of her days with you is not something to be done lightly. The moment, the atmosphere and above all the ring have to be as close to perfect as you can get.

The choice of location is not so tricky, the right moment can be fairly tricky but the ring can outfox you completely even if it’s the most expensive one in the shop.

As we all know girls like shopping, and when it comes to such a symbolic item as the ring some of them would like to be involved in the choice – even if it means ruining the surprise.

A quick look on some fashion, wedding and beauty related forums and communities shows that a large per cent of ladies want to be able to choose their own engagement ring. Some want to be surprised and will be happy with whatever you choose, some will smile and say yes but later ask if they can exchange for something more their style.

But my research has shown that the most popular option it seems is for you to take her into a jewelry store, pop the question there and then and let her choose the ring on the spot like in the scene in Tiffany’s from the movie “Sweet Home Alabama”. The downside being that if you had a certain budget in mind it’s just gone out the window…

Now not every girl will want to choose her own ring. There is a large proportion who will want you to choose it for them and will wear whatever you give them with unquestionable pride and love.

A lot depends on certain elements beyond your control, for example does she have competitive friends who will look straight at ‘the rock’ and comment on its size and value?

Does she make a lot of effort picking out her outfits and like to have complete control over how she looks all the time?

How do you find out if she wants to be completely swept off her feet or if she wants to pick out her own engagement ring without ruining the surprise and moment when you pop the question?

Well there is the proposal in the jewelry store option and there is another which my research has also shown as a popular solution. 2 ways of doing it actually:

1.Just buy the diamond and present it to her when you propose – this way she can choose the setting and even exchange it for another one and you still give her something nice, sparkly and expensive.

2.Buy a placeholder ring from somewhere like so she can wear something until you both choose the ring of her choice.

When I proposed to my girlfriend I got the wrong size ring so we had to take it back to be resized. There was no way to know her ring size without giving the game away and luckily she was more than happy with my choice.

So don’t sweat too much over the right ring, give her something be it a diamond or a placeholder then you can go online to some of the sites that let you design your own unique ring and everyone’s happy.

perfect engagement ring for me

Source by Peter Webber

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