perfect engagement ring for me
Bringing someone back from the dead is a scary idea, especially if you never liked them in the first place. But what about resurrecting a favorite necklace or engagement ring? Inevitably, some of those items are lost, broken or simply wear down. In some cases, the damage may be irreparable, but often it just takes an expert to nurture that jewelry back to health.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of ways to make an old favorite new again. Whether it's a beaten up brooch or embattled engagement ring, custom jewelers may well have a solution for restoring, rebuilding or repairing it.

Don't Dis Repair

For seemingly delicate creatures, it's amazing the abuse that can be weathered by a quality piece of custom jewelry such as an engagement ring. Jewelers have seen and heard it all, from tumbles on the ski slope to unplanned trips down the garburator.

So don't panic if you scrape the leftovers into the sink and your precious ring goes along for the ride. Retrieve it (AFTER turning off the garbage disposal) and take it to a skilled custom jeweler. It's quite possible that by straightening out the claws, smoothing out the metal and re-plating it, they can work wonders with that wayward engagement ring. May present a number of hazards to your prized possessions, but just because one of them goes down the drain does not mean your hopes have to follow.

Restore, Rebuild and Relax

As far as traditions go, there's nothing like several generations sharing the same engagement ring. Clans will often pass a favorite item down the family tree, but with those kinds of trees, their bite is often worse than their bark. As it moves from hand to hand to hand, the claws and bottom of the ring tend to wear out, especially if they haven't been properly maintained over the years.

Adding to the problem, a wedding band and engagement ring worn together will rub against each other, leading eventually to an unsightly grind mark. Faced with all of these problems, it's understandable that the layperson would label such an item as a lost cause. But before you write it off, read on.

Depending on the extent of the damage to your engagement ring, Custom designers can restore or rebuild it. In a worst case scenario, it may mean taking the entire model of the ring and making a whole new piece. You can then decide if the newer version will replicate the old one or be a totally different design. Either way, you'll have something that will delight future members of the family tree and never leave you stumped.

The Gift that Keeps On Living

When shopping for the perfect present, few would think of repairing or rebuilding a necklace, brooch or engagement ring. Shoppers tend to assume that newer is better; However, in the process, they overlook the power of custom jewelry to keep significant moments or emotions alive for the recipient. A carefully boxed gift certificate that helps make that happen could be a great choice for the person who thought they had everything.

There are a host of reasons to make the old new again with that damaged or worn out engagement ring. There are a lot of skilled jewelers who would love to assist you. Whether you're seeking a novel gift or a way to preserve your favorite memories, reviving custom jewelry is one experience you'll never forget.

perfect engagement ring for me

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